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Poultry for All

Teacher - Kelli Slack
Level I Shuttle

Description: Let's make poultry! Hens, roosters, eggs, turkeys, and ducks abound in this fun and silly class. Using mostly basic techniques like rings, chains, up joins and picots, these poultry pieces are bits of frivolity for your coop.

Skills required: Rings, chains, joins

Techniques taught: Students may learn a technique they have not encountered before such as coiled center starts for tatting, split rings, etc depending on which pattern they choose to work during class.

Materials needed / Pre-class preparation: Students should bring 3-4 shuttles, a small crochet hook (US 12,13, or 14) kit OR 4 - 6 balls of thread suitable for poultry colors in US 20 or Japanese 30, scissors, locking stitch marker/paperclip/ dental floss, beads optional (size appropriate to thread size like 10/0 or 11/0), pen/pencil.

Kit: Yes. $21. Kit includes 6 balls Olympus Special Gold No. 40, patterns

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