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SCMR* Necklace

Teacher - Erin Holloway Moseley Level II Shuttle

Description: Make a necklace with a variety of beads and techniques. And guess what? This necklace has no rings.

Skills required: Rings, chains, working with beads

Techniques taught: Beading with self-closing mock rings, using a combination of pre-strung and manually applied beads.

Materials needed: Size 20 Liz Metallic thread, 4mm beads (Pictured are 4mm Miyuki cube beads) 73 gold, 5 black, 321 11/0 Czech glass beads, fastener and jump rings, shuttle, standard tatting kit, crochet hook small enough to fit 4mm beads over two thicknesses of thread.

Pre-class preparation: String 11/0 beads onto ball thread. Leaving beads on the ball thread, wind 1.5 yards onto shuttle CTM. The 4mm beads will be affixed as necklace is worked. Do not string the 4mm beads on the ball thread.

Kit: No.

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