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Tatted Amigurumi – Positivity Pickle

Teacher - Karey Solomon
Level II Shuttle or Needle

Description: Tat a pocket-sized 3-D friend who will encourage cheerfulness through the most difficult circumstances, like those moments of self-doubt when you confront a difficult pattern or a shortage of chocolate. Or when you feel like a gherkin and you’re dill-y dallying instead of concentrating on your bread-and-butter… You’ll use block tatting, onion rings and a little embroidery and learn that cheerful persistence is most of what it takes!

Skills required: Rings, chains, patience and a smile. Of course, you can embroider one on the pickle if you don’t arrive with one…

Techniques taught: Block tatting, French knot (in embroidery), assembling a 3-D project, working with multiple threads, onion rings.

Materials needed / Pre-class preparation: Two colors of size 20 thread, and a small amount of black size 10 thread (for hat); handful of stuffing, thread ends, and a glass gem or a few large metal washers to stabilize bottom. One shuttle and a large-eye (large enough for size 10 thread) sewing needle for embroidery and finishing.

Kit: No.

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