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Tatted Bling

Teacher - Gretchen Miller Level I Shuttle

Description: Participants will learn how to tat an accessory with an enameled disc as the centerpiece. The discs are enameled using an actual piece of tatting as a stencil.

Skills required: Knowledgeable and proficient with rings, chains, and joins

Techniques taught: Joining tatting to enameled metal, properly sizing bracelet, adding clasp to finished bracelet

Materials needed: 2 tatting shuttles and small crochet hook plus required kit.

Pre-class preparation: none

Kit: $15.00 each for bracelet or hair ornaments. Required. There are 2 color choices for the bracelet (pink or green). There are 3 color choices for the Hair Band and Hair Pin (purple, pink or black) Class participants should indicate product and color choice during Registration. Additional kits available in vending.

Note: Needle tatters are on their own.

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