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This Way and That Way Snowflake

Teacher - Jane Eborall
Level II Shuttle

Description: This little snowflake is simply rings and chains but you’ll need to read the pattern carefully and watch the diagrams too!!! A good sense of direction is needed!!!

Skills required: Knowledge of rings and chains. Some experience with beads could be useful but not necessary.

Tecnniques taught: Block tatting and using beads within the work.

Supplies needed: Size 20 thread in two contrasting colours. 2 shuttles and size 10 or 11 seed beads.

Pre-class preparation: Add 3 yards (ring colour) and 12 beads to Sh1 and 3 yards with 18 beads to Sh2 thread. Join with a weaver’s knot and tat over shuttle end in the first ring and the chain end in the first chain. This gives a motif measuring 21/2” across.

Note: Please note – needle tatters will be welcome but I can only offer minimal help.

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