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Retired and live in southwest Colorado. I have been tatting for 28 years and started teaching back in 1996. Tatting became an important pastime that I’ve yet to fully explore. Aw, to live so long?
I am honored to come to the 2024 Palmetto Tat Days. I have been a few of times before and thoroughly enjoyed the tatting camaraderie. Early mentors instilled in us the importance of sharing our tatting and this is a wonderful opportunity. Thank you!

I was excited to hear the theme: All about Being Creative. In recent years, have been experimenting with different types of 2-shuttle rings that allows an array of multiple possibilities. This is my chance to share the fundamental aspects of these versatile techniques. Classes will be technique orientated introducing each method by tatting various samples. To add a bit more creativity, we’ll add another thread and convert the 2-shuttle ring into a split ring. Variations are near inexhaustible so here’s a chance to inspire your own creativity with something different.

Don’t be shy, 2-shuttle rings are fun to tat and really not difficult if tatted diligently. I believe that an intermediate level tatter should be able to manage these classes and hopefully adopt these techniques into their own tatting accomplishments. The 2-shuttle rings can be substituted for rings in other patterns. A pattern should be considered as a guideline. This is where your creativity comes to play.


Randy Houtz

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