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Updated 6/30/2024. As promised, here's the first list of attendees for Palmetto Tatters Guild's 22nd Annual Tat Days. Is your first name listed? Are you coming? Please join us for a wonderful event full of friends, fun, tatting, fun, chatting, fun, learning, and fun shopping! Who's Coming!

Our mission:
Promote the craft of tatting and spread it like kudzu across the South!

July 7, 2024 - Late Registration

May 1, 2023                            

 The WWT Flowers of Lace book is available for the first time since 2012. The newer version contains all sixteen patterns from the twelve talented designers in DIGITAL format. A Table of Contents has been added by month, flower, and designer. There is also an Index by Designer showing the flower and the page of the file.


A Bit of Background

We are a group of folks in South Carolina (and some from North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, too) who were brought together by one common thread...our love of tatting. Tatting is a craft that has become popularly known as a "lost" or "dying" art, but we know better! We are dedicated to demonstrating, teaching, and doing anything else we can to educate the people around us about this beautiful craft.

What is Tatting?

  • Tatting is the art of making handmade lace by looping and knotting a single thread on a small shuttle or special needle

  • Tatting can be documented approximately to the early 19th century.


The Guild wants to thank Team Thompson for all the time and effort put forth to maintain the old website for more than two decades.

Without them we would have been lost!

The Palmetto Tatters Guild is the organizer of the annual Palmetto Tat Days. Click on the tab above for more information regarding this event. Information on our regular meetings can be found under the "Upcoming Events" tab.


Make Your Mark



Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Make a Donation of tatted butterflies or other small animals or tat bits to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. It’s a great way to contribute to our cause, as we give them away at tatting demonstrations, such as the South Carolina State Fair in October, to get more people interested in the craft. We also accept items for the guild to sell. We love to share our tatting and make more folks aware of this wonderful art form and craft shows are one way we do this. It also brings in a little cash to help support our teaching efforts throughout the year. Craft show goers are looking for unique items and we can provide just that. Items like, but not limited to, jewelry, bookmarks, decorative things, etc. School colors of garnet and black for Univ. of SC and orange and/or purple for Clemson sell well, too. Get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.



Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making the Guild an even better Arts Organization than it already is. Membership dues for joining are 1 tatted butterfly annually. Download the Remote Membership Application below, fill out the information requested and mail with your tatted bit to
Palmetto Tatters Guild, c/o Theresa Orren, 140 Londonderry RD, Goose Creek SC 29445-5531



This will be one of our means to raise funds to help cover the costs of our events like the SC State Fair Demo Day, our Tat Days tatting retreat, and our Tat Days Scholarship Fund. We have items that we believe you will enjoy and that will enhance your experience with tatting.


Get in touch with us learn more

Palmetto Tatters Guild, 140 Londonderry RD, Goose Creek SC 29445-5531

Thanks for submitting!

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