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4-fold Tatting Portfolio

Teacher - Bev Corder Level I Shuttle and Needle

Description: Using just an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, we will create a portfolio to display your small, tatted pieces. Do you have a box of tatted motifs hiding away? Do you want to remember and have a record of your 2024 Tat Days classes? Show them off on this tri-folded portfolio. You will learn how to fold and decorate this portfolio to best display your tatting. The greatest part? We will glue the tatting onto the portfolio so you can block it the way you want it to look. (sample is my 2023 classes)

Skills required: A desire to show off your tatting.

Techniques taught: Using contrast to best show off your tatting, creating a portfolio display your tatting.
Materials needed: Bits and bobs of tatting or your Tat Days class projects, fabric glue (Fabric Fusion Pen, Fabric-Tac, Tear Mender, etc…)

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