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Buttons the Clown (Reimagined)

Teacher - Heidi Nakayama Level II Shuttle

Description: This adorable Clown is an unpublished Pam Palmer pattern. I will supply fabric face buttons. I hae rewritten the jacket to be completed in one round rather than three. You will have a choice of several different face buttons to create the character of your choice.

Skills Required: Split rings

Techniques taught: Split ring refresh if necessary.

Materials needed: This pattern requires three colors of size 20 thread and 4 shuttles.

Pre-class preparation: 2 shuttles of CTM 3 ½ yards on each for jacket. 1 shuttle with 1 ½ yards CTM and ball of second color for trousers. 1 shuttle with 3 yards CTM with ball of third color for boots and hands. If you prefer to use a different size thread please adjust your thread length. An appropriate crochet hook for adding beads.

Kit: No.
Note: I will supply students with the original pattern, two button faces of their choice and three size 8 beads. Needle tatters welcome to try, but I do not needle tat.

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