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Bev’s love of tatting started tatting in 2000 when Marie Smith taught a tatting class at a sewing store in Anderson, SC. While she tatted with varying frequency as her children grew, in recent years she participated in Tatters Across Time, Inc. and attained proficiency certificates in Level I (Apprentice), Level II (Artisan), and Level III (Master). You can learn more about Bev at
Her formal education and training are in Recreational Therapy, and she teaches an art therapy class at the annual Fresh Hope for Mental Health conference. She also enjoys taking continuing education art classes several times a year. Currently, she works at her family's engineering business. She lives with her husband and all her animals near Augusta, GA.
Bev purposefully adds tatting to her art so that people from all art disciplines can be introduced to tatting. She takes part in Wanderlust Art Classes and regularly shares tatting with other participants. Showing others that tatting is a timely form of art is a passion for Bev.


Bev Corder

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