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Kelli has been a teacher for BlackSheep Fiber Emporium and has taught tatting, knitting, lace knitting, spinning, pattern design, Mediterranean Knotted Lace, seaming, and many other classes! She teaches lace knitting & tatting regularly for the International Organization of Lace, Inc. (IOLI) Convention, tatting at the Shuttlebirds Workshop, and many different crafting classes at the Ozark Fiber Fling in Steeleville, MO. Kelli has been a frequent demonstrator with the Lafayette Lacemakers, Portland Lace Society, St. Louis Lacers and whenever she is out and about. Plane trips often find her demonstrating knitting or tatting to seatmates and passers-by. She is constantly designing and her samples and patterns are usually to be found at BlackSheep Fiber Emporium & Ravelry. Kelli often talks about her many passions including: knitting, tatting, sewing, weaving, spinning, knotted lace, rabbits, baking, and canning. Her professional website is She is a licensed rabbit judge, triple graduate of Purdue University, mom to a very active three-year old, and spreads her love of lace from coast to coast.


Kelli Slack

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