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I am a transplanted Texan from the Llano Estacado region of the Panhandle. Since moving to Montana (via nearly 30 years In North Carolina) in June of 2017, I have been able to pursue my love of hobbies, especially handwork. I am largely self-taught in all my interests and have an extensive library for many fiber arts. When my great, great aunt died, her shuttle was given to me by my mother and the challenge issued. She said, “You’re the only one in the family smart enough to figure out how to use this. I think it was used to make ‘tatting’.” I found a Coats “Learn to Book” circa 1960 and DMC Tatting Cotton at the local TG&Y (a five & dime store). I could get the first half of the double stitch because the directions and illustrations were clear however we won’t discuss how many times I achieved a Gold Medal in the Frustrated Shuttle Toss because I couldn’t get the second half to work so I could close a ring. I did finally get it and did a few small things from my maternal grandmother’s Work Basket books. Becoming an active teenager (school band, high-level academics as well as a fraternal organization) and then a teenage bride two days after graduating from high school, I put my shuttle, book, and thread away until our oldest son was about 6 months old. I picked up the shuttle and began exploring the library in the larger town where we were living then. The library had an excellent Resource section that contained a couple of Tatting books, among them Elgiva Nicholls “Tatting Techniques.” Voila! My tatting obsession was born and kicked into high gear after we moved to North Carolina and we got a computer at home and a modem. I found the internet Tatting Community and began corresponding with folks and participating in tatting exchanges. I also began corresponding with some folks in the Columbia, SC area and was invited to attend what was probably PTG’s first ‘official’ guild meeting at one of the libraries (probably May 2000). There I met most of those PTG members considered to be Founding Members. It was decided we would meet quarterly but that didn’t last long and became monthly. I was surprised and stunned when the new organization elected me as their Charter President in 2002 when the Guild officially chartered with IOLI. I was elected President again in 2012 and I have also served as Program Chair and Treasurer. I have attended every PTG Tat Days since the first one in 2003 and can always be found in or around the Vending operations. I have also served as Tat Days registrar since 2014 so my better half has helped out in Vending most of those years. Although not officially a contracted “teacher” for Tat Days previously, I have/will and do answer questions and hold mini-sessions whenever asked. I have also attended other tatting conferences, i.e., Shuttlebirds Workshops (ID), Camp WannaTat (MT), and Tatting Corner (IN). I am active on Facebook and in many of the Tatting groups there and Craftree as well as Ravelry. I have published a number of designs and always have my shuttles in my pocket. I have been privileged to know many “famous” names who have mentored me through the years. Among them are Bobbie Demmer, The Shuttle Brothers, Heidi Nakayama, Patti Duff, Mimi Dillman, Deb Arnold, and many of the teachers PTG has been able to attract to Tat Days. In fact, I am always recruiting teachers for PTG wherever I am. I do have a blog but it doesn’t get updated as often as I should.
In January 2021, I was elected Coordinator (the presiding officer) of Tatters Across, Inc., Tatting Proficiency Program©. I received recognition from that program as a Master Tatter in August of 2008 and was the fourth tatter to receive such recognition.

Teresa Woods