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I’ve been tatting since the late 60’s having been taught by my Grandmother (basic rings, chains, joins). Everything else I have learned from internet classes, various blogs, conferences, and other tatters. Tatting is carried with me whenever possible. I enjoy seeing people’s faces when I hand them a piece of tatting. My favorite memory is handing butterflies to children sitting behind us at a baseball game. They played with them throughout the whole game. Occasionally someone will comment about not seeing that in years or they did not know anyone does that anymore. A discussion usually follows, and I get excited to continue to tat and share. I tat to relax, keep my mind alert and fingers nimble. It is amazing to see thread made into beautiful pieces I have been able to teach at Tat Days the last 8 years. My work has been used and shown on The Online Tatting Class. I just had a pattern published in the 2022 Handy Hands calendar.


Phyllis Schmidt

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