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PTG's 21st Annual Tat Days Event

August 17 - 20, 2023

Lambuth Inn, Lake Junaluska, NC

From rocking chairs on the front porch to quaint parlors, the Lambuth Inn is a popular destination for guests looking for historic charm and an old-world feel. Stroll through the gardens to nearby Inspiration Point. The inn was built in 1921 and renovated in 2018. Also called Lake Junaluska’s “stately lady,” it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Estimated Basic Costs for 2023, class (registration) fees, with meal package (7), Banquet, and lodging  pricing include the appropriate NC Sales, Dining, & Lodging Taxes

$120.00 Registration Fee (2 Days of classes, helps pay the teachers and classroom rental)

$177.00 Meals (8 meals, including the Banquet Celebration on Saturday)

$225.00 Double Occupancy, per person, 3 nights at the beautiful Lambuth Inn -

              The single rate is $150/night; the triple rate is $55/person/night; the quad rate is $45/person/night

$522.00 TOTAL per tatter or $402.00 for KNOTS (Kind Network of Tatting Supporters)

**KNOTS do not pay the class (registration) fees** this is the only difference!

Once the advance registration window closes on July 8, daily attendance fees will be increased to $75.00 per day. Participants registering after July 12 (late registration open) will be responsible for their own lodging and meals since rooming list and meal counts will have been submitted to Lake Junaluska.


None of the above figures includes any commemoratives, including pattern collection for 2023, optional or required kits for some of the classes, or any other tatting threads and supplies that can be found in the Vending Room (where NC sales tax will be added at checkout). Just an additional notation about the KNOTS term - these are family members, friends, and other non-tatting individuals who attend Tat Days; since they don't take classes, they do not pay Registration (or Class) Fees.


Do you want to come for all the fun and learning experiences but funds are a bit tight?

The PTG Scholarship Fund might be just the answer for you. Through the years, many tatters have helped to raise funds via direct donations, both live and silent auctions, and the sale of the Linda S. Davies PTG Collection and the Flowers of Lace collection from the World Wide Tatting Community.

There are two documents available to apply for a scholarship. One is a PDF and the other is a Word Form. You may download either one and complete the application with the requested information. You should save a copy and you may mail (see E.a.) or email (see E.b. as outlined in the Application under Scholarship Rules, LImitations, and Disclaimers (page 1).


A Bit of History


PTG's Tat Days were initially funded by the Guild's Butterflies Migrating book which is out of print. The first Tat Day was held on April 5, 2003, at the McKissick Museum on the campus of the University of South Carolina. The featured highlight of the event was a juried competition and an in-depth look at how to present tatting. This was the first and only single-day event. Since 2004, Tat Days have increased in attendance, teachers have been recruited globally, and the number of individual classes offered increased.

As attendance increased, the venues also changed. From three years each at Columbia International University and the White Oak Conference Center in South Carolina, to 11 years at Georgia Baptist Conference Center just outside Toccoa, Georgia, and now our third year at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina. The Guild has hosted participants from multiple states and a half dozen other countries in Europe and North America.

The Guild does have a YouTube channel where you can see videos from other Tat Days events. There are interviews with various Tatters in the Tattle Tales Interview series while Designing 101 features a number of tatting designers and their individual processes to create tatting patterns.

During Tat Days 2021, a live-stream interview was held with Georgia Seitz (founder of The Online Tatting Class) by the current owner/operator, Tamie Montgomery. That interview is available to view. Georgia is instrumental in continuing (from 2004 onwards) and growing the PTG Scholarship Fund which allows tatters the opportunity to offset some of the cost to attend Tat Days.

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